food + bev tec West Africa

West Africa‘s food & beverage technology imports increase by 16.7% to 623 million euros in 2018

Enormous population growth and high sustainable investments in its food industry

Source: VDMA / Graph: fairtrade 2019
  • According to the German Engineering Federation VDMA, West Africa imported food & beverage technology worth 623 million euros in 2018.
  • A plus of 16.7% compared to 534 million euros in 2017 and an annual growth of 7.8% between 2015 and 2018.
  • Good to know: The major West African markets - apart from Nigeria - are Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, Senegal, Mauretania, Burkina Faso, Mali and Togo, in this order.
  • Due to its high and sustained investment in its food industry and its immense population of 388 million, which according to the United Nations will increase to over 700 million by 2050, it is all too likely that ECOWAS - The Economic Community of West African States will become the number one import region of food technology in Africa within the next years. A position the region is likely to take in the long term.

Opportunities in the agrofood industry

  • Revival of local food production and „Made-locally“trend; political will to expand local food production
  • Massive investments in processing and packaging equipment
  • Medium-term development extremely promising
  • Biggest market for food products in Africa - still undersupplied

Range of exhibits

Process technology

  • Ingredients and auxiliary materials
  • Bakery technology
  • Confectionery, chocolate and snacks technology
  • Ice cream technology
  • Coffee machines and equipment
  • Kitchen technology
  • Basic food technology
  • Vegetable and fruit technology
  • Beverage technology
  • Pasta technology
  • Delicatessen and convenience food technology 
  • Dairy technology
  • Meat processing technology
  • Fish technology

Packaging technology

  • Packaging machines
  • Packaging materials


Food safety and quality management

Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology

  • Refrigeration installations
  • Ventilation, air conditioning and heating technology

Conveying, transport and storage installations

Water and waste water